Meet our 2017 Award Winners here: Women of Value (PDF)

Success Stories

This woman of value is a graduate of Columbus State with an associate degree in Social Work and a 3.8 grade point average. She is attending Capital University to complete her bachelor’s degree in Social Work. She is divorced, a mother of a 10-year old girl, and on disability because of several back surgeries. She recovered from a drug addiction of 15 years and has been clean for four years. Her struggles and recovery have shown her that what she wants to do is help people in similar situations. She plans to obtain her social work license and work in a drug treatment clinic and then possibly open a clinic of her own. She already has her Chemical Dependency Counselor’s Assistant credential and she ultimately intends to further her education to get her master’s and doctoral degrees.

Another woman of value is a first-time SOS scholarship recipient, returning to school after a 20-year break. She struggled with depression after the death of a child. She and her surviving son have had to overcome many challenges. She has worked to rebuild a solid foundation that is allowing her to develop dreams and aspirations. She hopes to graduate in the summer of 2018 with a bachelor's degree in Applied Psychology, and then continue on to obtain her doctorate in Clinical Education and Research. She plans to work in the field of child and adolescent mental health, as she has seen first hand that there is a lack of resources for children like her own.

One of our recipients is a recent graduate of Columbus State, with an associate degree in Human Resource Management. She is the first member of her family to attend college, and through financial aid from SOS and other sources, was able to graduate from Columbus State debt-free. Her college experience awakened her to the opportunities that education can afford her as she pursues her career plans. As a result, she has enrolled at Franklin University to pursue a bachelor’s degree. SOS has again provided financial and moral support for her to continue her education. While earning her degree, this recipient is also working part-time, and using her talents and resources to give back to the community, particularly focusing on young children and the homeless. SOS is proud to sponsor students like this, and give them the extra support they need as they follow their dreams.

Last semester, another recipient maintained a 3.6 grade point average while working six to seven days each week, tutoring two to three days weekly, and attending Franklin University. She has applied to graduate in May 2018 with a bachelor of science in Communications and a minor in Human Resources. She has a very heavy course load for her last semester, but is hard-working and very driven. She is forever thankful to SOS for contributing towards making her dream come true and believes that it has been SOS's encouragement and belief that has allowed her to carry out her mission. She looks forward to being able to giving back and helping other.