“I greatly appreciate the chance to go back to school. With this scholarship you have given not only me, but a future for my children as well. I thank you for that. My children thank you." - Michelle

Volunteer Positions

Scholarship Opportunities for Success volunteers are the backbone of  the organization.  Since SOS has no paid staff, the volunteers enable us to have almost no overhead.  They perform tasks such as making food, favors, and decorations; they solicite donations for, sell tickets to and work at events, do clerical work, and also chair events; they contribute ideas, donations,  and hundreds of hours of time. To volunteer, please contact Nancy Haller at jerry.haller@gmail.com, Clare Anderson at cwilsonunderwraps@att.net, or Mary Jensen at mjensen10@aol.com


Please mail your monetary donations to:

Scholarship Opportunities for Success/SOS
PO Box 340622
Columbus, OH 43234

Donations are 100% tax deductible as allowed by law. The number of awards given each year depends on the amount of  money raised. SOS Is a grassroots organization with the negligible overhead paid by donations of the board of directors.

Here are ways you can make your tax-deductible gift to support Scholarship Opportunities for Success:

Spread the Word

Volunteers are our best ambassadors.  They tell their friends about our mission and our success and before long their friends are volunteers also!

Going, Going, Gone!
Virtual Auction

September 3-12, 2021