“It means so much to me, knowing that you have acknowledged my accomplishments thus far and have confidence in my abilities.  I will continue to work hard in hopes of securing a rewarding career and a successful like for my self and my family.  Thank you for your act of kindness and I will continue to ‘pay it forward” throughout my lifetime." - Monika


SOS is an all volunteer, grass-roots 501(c)(3) organization with 19 board members and more than 80 volunteers.

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During its first 20 years, SOS has awarded nearly three-quarters of a million dollars in scholarships to 191 different women with over 40% of them having now graduated. Some of these women have received financial aid for more than one year.

Past recipients have been students at Columbus State Community College, Capital University, Franklin University, The Ohio State University, Ohio University, and Ohio Dominican University.

These deserving individuals deal with a myriad of obstacles while attending classes and sometimes working full time. They have dealt with such problems as poverty, childhood abuse, domestic violence, loss of a partner, and discrimination on the job. Yet, they have strong ambitions to further their education in order to improve life for themselves and their families.

What We Believe

Grants awarded allow students to pursue educational goals by giving them the financial backing they otherwise would not have. By supplementing expenses associated with education, grant recipients have the tools needed to continue their schooling. SOS believes that through education, parents can become more economically self-sufficient and less dependent on public funds.  Children will benefit from their parents’ growth and independence and the cycle of poverty can begin to be broken. Already, we see these children becoming school leaders, class officers, athletes and scholars.  Many of our grantees are very caring and want to give back in some way.  One woman started a jump rope club at her daughter’s school.